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  • "My rescue Golden Retriever 'Meadow' has been a challenge to walk since I got her a year ago. She was not used to being on a lead so if I wanted her to go a direction she didn't want then down she would go and no power on earth was going to move her! I tried bribery, cajoling and a few expletives but no joy, it usually resulted in my having to call for help and a lift home. After a particularly frustrating walk I sought professional help. One hour with Dave from Canine Classroom and it's like she's a different dog! I admit to feeling somewhat sceptical with the very simple suggestions that Dave made but they have made all the difference! I am so grateful, Meadow is a gorgeous dog and now that we can walk together she's an absolute joy. "
    Thank you so much Dave!


  • "A big thanks to Dave and the team for the amazing session on Friday. I was very amazed about the changes in Bentley's behaviour in just two sessions. Highly recommend this training approach and looking forward to what we can achieve in our third lesson in a couple weeks time "


  • "Goodo Dav Just saw your videos regarding BARF . That information plus what you advised today at Mt Gravatt - makes a lot of sense. I will start putting this into practice. Really enjoying the classes - Fergus is coming along in leaps and bounds, (literally) and he is really rising to the challenges he gets set. Thanks to all your staff. Cheers "


  • "Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our first night at Coolum on Monday, it was all I had hoped for. The relaxed but motivational atmosphere created a very good learning environment for both handlers and dogs, the email notes prior to class allowed for better understanding of the principles talked about in class. I also liked the genuine emphasis on building on a pup's social confidence and the follow through from our instructor was great. Thanks again I have attached a pick showing what out dogs think of our crates. kind regards.


    really happy
  • Dear David, Maggie and Bec,
    Sooo proud of the boys, but most of all: thank you all so much for getting them (and us!) to this level.
    It has been an amazing and challenging journey; your support and encouragements made it all worthwhile and enjoyable!

    We remember waiting to attend the first puppy class and watching the Control level dogs Drop and Stay, while their owners walked away from them and we were amazed, thinking “how awesome, we will never be able to do that with ours”.......oh yee of little faith, we ARE now doing that with our boys!!

    We just wished you were on the Sunshine Coast when we had our other 2, less sociable pooches before we had Bruno and Boris. They were great with humans, but not as great with other dogs.

    Looking forward to the next stage of the boys’ journey and hoping they will be able to go to your classes and meet their week-end friends at it for a long time to come."


    Nic & Lien Riggs
  • Just wanted to say that after only 2 lessons, Zeus, is now walking on a flat collar. No haltie or choke chain when just out for a social walk. Zeus seems to have sussed out "Pop Pop Pop" - I still seem to be saying it out loud to myself. And I have since introduced the "Yes" mark word. (It was so brilliantly explained by Bec) I also did the vacuuming for the first time in 2 years without Zeus trying to eat the attachment, or chasing me hysterically around the room! Just amazing guys. So excited about the months ahead! Just like all owners, I have no doubt my dog is super smart and is borderline genius. Its just me that needs the serious training!! See you Saturday!


  • YAY! We are in Control!  So excited, (little dance) (and nervous) and cant tell you how much we are enjoying the training. Your team are absolutely awesome. So knowledgeable, and nothing is ever too much trouble. I just have to get Buddy's training collar out, and he runs to the car. Loving the classes, and loving the bond that's growing between Buddy and I. Its the most indescribable feeling. Last Saturday at training, I just wanted to give him the whole bag instead of just one treat!


    excited & nervous
  • Dolly is no ordinary dog!  But is learning and getting better all the time. She has been noticably calmer since her week at "boot camp" (that's what we like to call it).  Thank you for all the advice, help and encouragment, we would have really struggled without it.


    Penny & Terry
  • Thank you for the fun christmas party for the pups this morning. Bonnie & I were thrilled to win the best dressed as she is so special to me. The difference in her in the short time I have been attending classes is amazing. She used to rule the roost (which was my fault) but with perserverence & consistency she is now starting to realize I'm the leader. Once again thank you all for your dedication.


    Lynne & Bonnie
    very happy