Training Guarantees

Your Guarantees

At The Canine Classroom we guarantee all our training courses in writing.

Each course has an estimated time period to give you an idea of how long it could take for the ‘average’ dog attending on a regular basis. You train when it is convenient to you. No restrictive locked in time periods. Just turn up as often as you can or want and achieve your result on your own terms. You are paying for a standard of training - not the number of classes you attend!


Training Guarantee

Our Training Guarantee commitment to you is that you can attend as many classes as you need to pass through each level of training until you achieve the level you joined for!

If your dog does not reach the level required during our typical training course time period, we will continue training your dog until it achieves that level at NO extra charge - satisfaction guaranteed!

One month or one year.  It doesn't matter.  You can keep attending training until your dog passes!

Unlimited Training
training guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At The Canine Classroom we want you and your dog to achieve the outcomes you have signed up for.  If for any reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund the cost of your training course (conditions apply). Before you do so we would hope and encourage you to talk to us about any issues you may be facing so we may look at ways of overcoming them together.

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Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee

Once you have completed a Control Course, you will receive a certificate confirming your dog’s level of training. After that, you may come back any time as often as you wish to maintain the level for free, for life!

NO charge for the rest of the dog’s life!

Lifetime Free Training

* No Guarantee is possible with regard to Behaviour Modification or Rehabilitation programs.

Our expert team are well equipped and experienced in dealing with these situations, however No Guarantees of specific or tangible outcomes are possible.