Same dog, different dog!


Tomorrow a year ago Coco and I started on our Canine Classroom adventure. 1 week in Fast Track boarding (that came as a bit of a surprise to my crazy 2yr old Cocker Spaniel x Jack Russell), training most weekends a few walk and trains and 4 weeks boarding at Xmas. I can’t believe how far she’s come and I have learnt a lot too.

Thank-you all Canine Classroom especially Erin, Rosie, Ryan and Dave, and previously Julia and Jack, who have all been fantastic teachers.


When my partner and I got together one of our greatest challenges was blending our “families”. Tam had a 6yr old female Golden Retriever (Kyah) and I had a 5yr old red female cattle dog (Kia) and a 5yr old female yellow labrador (Mana). We were living in a standard residential block in Coolum, both worked full time and Kyah had a history of barking. We had all done dog training to a greater or lesser degree. Our challenge wasn’t about obedience, but about blending a family and being able to all be together in our home in Coolum.
I researched for an appropriate trainer and after a phone call with Dave knew he was our man!
He is passionate about what he does and exudes confidence. After an assessment we all decided personal training sessions was our best option – to address OUR specific issues. The sessions had clear objectives, were never rushed, at our home, at a time suitable to us and were actually great fun!
A couple years later we had to put Kyah down due to cancer, and Tam needed her own pup.
First call was not to a breeder, but to our dog advisor Dave. He came over on a Friday afternoon and chatted about the best way to bring in a new pup. We discussed what sex we should get, what age we should bring the new pup home, discussed vaccinations and when to start training with the canine classroom. It was a very worthwhile conversation/consultation.
Mike started at 7 weeks old and attended both Coolum and Kawana for the first 2 years. It was great to be able to maximize our membership and go twice a week.
Bottom line Canine Classroom encourages the development of great community dogs, not obedience champions that can heel within an arena, but dogs that cope with storms and whipper snippers. Dogs that come when called at Stumer Creek and dogs that you are proud to walk down the street.
We are very grateful to Dave and his team, and constantly recommend people to join up! You can’t afford not to! "


Kat & Tam

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our first night at Coolum on Monday, it was all I had hoped for.


The relaxed but motivational atmosphere created a very good learning environment for both handlers and dogs, the email notes prior to class allowed for better understanding of the principles talked about in class. I also liked the genuine emphasis on building on a pup's social confidence and the follow through from our instructor was great.


Thanks again I have attached a pick showing what out dogs think of our crates.

kind regards.


Jodi with Scout,
Buckle, Benny, Winter, Silk and pack .....

Thank you for the fun christmas party for the pups this morning. Bonnie and I were thrilled to win the best dressed as she is so special to me.


The difference in her in the short time I have been attending classes is amazing. She used to rule the roost, which was my fault, but with perserverence and consistency she is now starting to realize I'm the leader. Once again thank you all for your dedication.

Lynne & Bonnie
happy customer

The Canine Classroom's motto “We make bad dogs good and good dogs great!” in our case should read “We make bad dogs great!” because that is what The Canine Classroom has done for our German Shepherd dog “Casper”.


What The Canine Classroom offers in its training programmes is different in that what you pay up front is for the rest of your dogs life, make the most of it and get along as often as you want. I turn up as often as I can at both Kawana and currently also attending Coolum Centres and the more you do this the better for you and your dog. When you get to your goal don't give up and think well that's it.


Dog training is not just learning the basic commands, it is also about having confidence in what you want out of your dog in different situations. Our goal is to get to the point where we can walk Casper off lead (in appropriate off lead areas!!!) and if any dog approaches get him back to the heel position(control) and if needed back on lead.


Again I can't say how pleased and thankful we are for The Canine Classroom in the transformation and journey we have had with Casper. I totally recommend The Canine Classroom to everyone that we come across who have good and bad dogs because with perseverance they become great dogs.

Peter and Kimbo Roberts and of course “Casper”
Casper's Story