Video/ Rehabilitating Duke - Pt I


Rehabilitating Duke - Pt I

Duke the Neopolitan Mastiff is VERY fearful of strangers. He has had quite a good upbringing and was reasonably well socialised around people as a puppy, but for some reason he just never built the confidence to cope with unfamiliar people in his life.

Duke is very protective of his female owner around the home (made even more so due to the fact that he is entire) and weary of people when out in public, but not always reactive.

Our primary goal with him is to build confidence and trust into humans other than his owner. He is with is to complete a 4 Week Behavioural Modification program. We make no claims as to how far we will progress the dog or what will be achieved but will do our very best to improve his overall state of mind.

PS. Sorry for the noise in the kennel which makes it really hard to hear what is being said.

Whats going on

  • Drop Aggression
  • Stranger Acceptance
  • Rehabilitation
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