(I'm the chap in the middle)

Hi I’m TJ, and that’s probably my third name!

I was placed in a pound, sent to a foster home and then rescued by my current owner. (Life was very busy for a while).

I came into my new owner’s life a few months after her 12 year old Australian Terrier succumbed to Liver Cancer. I was named Tom Jones, aka “TJ”. It made sense, as I follow in the footsteps of two other Australian Terriers, Tam and Tim Jones!

I bounded into my new home to be greeted by two other terriers. A pedigree Aussie called Grommet and fellow rescue dog, Dora. What followed was not quite right.

When out walking I pulled on my lead, leapt into the faces of other dogs and barked furiously at them. I was out of control. My owner hadn’t experienced this behaviour before and realised she needed help.

First came along a trainer who took me through some paces at the local park, and did I turn it on.

I was in the face of other dogs and wouldn’t stop barking at them. I even ended up with a mouth full of another dog’s fur. That’s when The Canine Classroom was recommended. Canine Classroom: “we make bad dogs good and good dogs great” I think I was in the bad category!

Dave Haywood would be the one who could assess and make recommendations for my future. What was causing this anti-social behaviour?

After a long consultation at my new home, during which I managed to have a go at Dave’s own impeccably behaved dogs, my future was decided. I was off to intensive live in training-boarding school AKA Boot Camp for three weeks.

Thankfully Dave said he’d give me a go as I did show some restraint and good behaviour.

My owner read up about this training, and all was confirmed. A couple of days later I was at boot camp!

I must have been rather tense as Dave kept saying I was wound up like two bob watch! My progress was recorded on video, and Dave kept in touch with my owner, my progress was reasonable. I began socialising with other dogs and taught all the basic commands.

Eventually I came around. I got to understand all the stuff that normal dogs do. I re-learnt a heap of things, got some new commands and had lots of yummy treats.

And yippee! I graduated from Boot Camp and came home. (Phew)

But that’s not the end of the story.

I now travel in the car, in my own crate, to weekly classes in Kawana, where I have moved through basic, intermediate and now I am in control. Which is pretty good because at my first class after boot Camp, Dave thought I should be in intermediate but my owner was still at basic level. But we learned her good too J

So now I’m way back up to where I should have been if I’d had a great upbringing from Day 1.

I love going to class and know exactly which day Saturday is when it comes around. It’s so much fun and I now love pleasing my owner with all my new manners & commands.

In fact I owe a great deal to Dave and all the wonderful trainers at The Canine Classroom. If not for them, I wouldn’t be here, telling my story.

Thank you Canine Classoom.



Socialisation · 15%
Confidence · 20%
Obedience · 30%
Dependability · 15%
Aggression · 30%


Socialisation · 80%
Confidence · 70%
Obedience · 90%
Dependability · 90%
Aggression · 5%