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Behaviour Consults ReTraining to Create Better Behaviour

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Overly Protective

Anti social behaviour by dogs comes in many forms. Excessive agression is one of those which often occurs when a dog is overly protective of its owner or family. As pack animals its normal for dogs to protect their pack but too much is not healthy.

Tolerant Dogs
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Play Well

Learning to play well with other dogs is a learned skill for dogs. Dominant or submissive behaviour are not balanced and doesn't make for comfortable outings with your best friend. Re-training dogs to play well with others on equal terms is an important part of their maturity.

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Excessive Barking

Does your dog bark too much? Is it only when you're away (according to your neighbours). Do they bark when excited or fearful? What are their triggers? And how do you stop this. All this and more can be re-trained with many dogs. Just ask us more.

Quiet Puppies
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Car/Bike Chasing and Others

Why do dogs chase cars, bikes, posties and other vehicles? How to you stop it and protect them from running onto the road? Instilling new behaviour in your pet is key to a comfortable life with neighbours and travelling.

Postie Training