Walk 'n Train Sessions

Walk 'n Train Sessions Combine Professional Dog Walking with a Training Session

Dog Walking, with Training Perfect for time-poor dog owners

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Dog Walking for Time Poor Owners

Got a busy job but still love your best friend? Our Walk 'n Train option is a great way for time poor people to get more training as well as healthy exercise for their dogs. You simply leave it to our team of qualified trainers to do the dog walking all the time consuming work for you. Rest assured, like all of our training options, we tailor the training program around your specific needs based on your dog's training schedule.

Time Poor People

Fresh Air & Exercise

Sometimes life gets a bit busier than we expected. Our poor pets end up pushed down the priority list. And we end up feeling like bad parents. Our best friends may develop anti-social or strange new behaviours too. Now with The  Canine Classroom you don't need to feel compromised. We will get your dear dog its much needed exercise, out in the fresh air... and you get to finish those other important life matters.

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Training Included

With dog walkers who are also professional dog trainers your casual stroll has now become a fun training session for your beloved dog with The Canine Classroom. Your trainer consults with you as to the next steps in your dog's training program and concentrates on improving that as they walk them in the fresh air.