Just wanted to say that Ruby and I so enjoyed our first control lesson. Ruby was so focused, our walks have so helped our training. Also wanted to mention that Gail is just great and we have really enjoyed having the two last lessons with her as it’s great when you get to have the same trainer as she knows then where we are all at.


Thanks again to you all for the ongoing support that you have given us.

happy customer

Hi Dave, Thanks for the email and attachment, and for your interest in Tess’s progress.

She’s going pretty well now, walks on a loose lead most of the time (not when we get to the walkway to the beach, but I can hold her.) I don’t use the halti anymore.  Her confidence has improved and she shows no aggression to other dogs when off lead on the beach, and ignores most other dogs when on lead. One exception – the yellow spoodle. She just doesn’t like him, so we avoid him when we can. He’s quite a nice dog but completely untrained – needs you!!

So thanks for your training of Tess, and giving me a bit more confidence in her. I’ll certainly be in touch if I need your advice, I haven’t any plans to go away in the near future, but will have a talk about where to leave her if I do. She still gets quite excited when she hears your voice on the video clip you gave me; so she hasn’t forgotten you!

Cath Griffiths

YAY! We are in Control!

So excited, (little dance) (and nervous) and cant tell you how much we are enjoying the training. Your team are absolutely awesome. So knowledgeable, and nothing is ever too much trouble. I just have to get Buddy's training collar out, and he runs to the car. Loving the classes, and loving the bond that's growing between Buddy and I. Its the most indescribable feeling. Last Saturday at training, I just wanted to give him the whole bag instead of just one treat!

excited & nervous

This is a testimonial for the incredible hard work and dedication demonstrated by Dave Haywood and the team at The Canine Classroom.

My Blue male cattle dog “Buzz” (aka “Battle Dog”) was not “socialised” early enough, as well as being an extremely dominant and stubborn dog. After 3 weeks of boarding and training with Dave, Buzz came back a far more obedient and better behaved dog. I continued the weekly Canine Classroom group classes to reinforce what Buzz and I had learnt. Buzz and I now look forward to the classes as they are fun and the staff are very encouraging.

I have also witnessed other “transformed dogs” and have no hesitation in highly recommending Dave Haywood and the team at The Canine Classroom.

David Telesz