Hi Dave.  Just a quick email to say thank you so very much for being such a wonderful co-ordinator.

You had a hectic week with us last week and never changed. Always there for us with patience, support and advice.  You made block training interesting, fun and I am sure I speak for all students in saying that we learnt so much, thanks to you.

You are a very gifted teacher Dave and you do a fantastic job.  Thanks again, catch up soon.

feeling supported

Hi Dave.  I just wanted to thank you for the one-on-one lesson today. It was an unexpected bonus and I just want you to know that I really appreciate your time today. Thank you.

I don't know where I would be with Loui now if we had never started with The Canine Classroom. Thanks Dave and Lisa.

Kathrine and Loui
loving the bonuses

"My rescue Golden Retriever 'Meadow' has been a challenge to walk since I got her a year ago. She was not used to being on a lead so if I wanted her to go a direction she didn't want then down she would go and no power on earth was going to move her! I tried bribery, cajoling and a few expletives but no joy, it usually resulted in my having to call for help and a lift home. After a particularly frustrating walk I sought professional help. One hour with Dave from Canine Classroom and it's like she's a different dog! I admit to feeling somewhat sceptical with the very simple suggestions that Dave made but they have made all the difference! I am so grateful, Meadow is a gorgeous dog and now that we can walk together she's an absolute joy. "
Thank you so much Dave!



"A big thanks to Dave and the team for the amazing session on Friday. I was very amazed about the changes in Bentley's behaviour in just two sessions. Highly recommend this training approach and looking forward to what we can achieve in our third lesson in a couple weeks time "



"Goodo Dav Just saw your videos regarding BARF . That information plus what you advised today at Mt Gravatt - makes a lot of sense. I will start putting this into practice. Really enjoying the classes - Fergus is coming along in leaps and bounds, (literally) and he is really rising to the challenges he gets set. Thanks to all your staff. Cheers "