Dave, just to let you know, Tegan took Hudson's basic class and she was brilliant. Great, competent manner with the dogs and fantastic working with us, the humans, which can sometimes be more challenging! Looking forward to the rest of the year's program.

Jane and Hudson
happy customer

Dolly is no ordinary dog!  But is learning and getting better all the time.


She has been noticably calmer since her week at "boot camp" (that's what we like to call it).  Thank you for all the advice, help and encouragment, we would have really struggled without it.

Penny & Terry

Joining The Canine Classroom was the best thing I did for Fred and most importantly myself!

We made such progress together and the Fred I go walking with is a very different one to a year ago. I still have some way to go in my confidence but will get there soon and catch him up. I have really appreciated the above and beyond care and support that I received from Dave - always there to talk over issues and give suggestions and advice. The approach that the classes took of gaining a social well behaved dog rather than just one who could do the skills of obedience was great. This along with the flexibility of the classes, ie moving up when you are ready and not completing a level in a set time made The Canine Classroom the best option for us.

I was so proud of Fred when he passed the Advanced Class despite my nerves!! Thank you Dave, Lisa, Cliff and all the other great trainers.

Rachel and Fred

Hey Dave!! This is uncanny.... I was walking Rufus this morning and thought that I would send u an email to let u know how he is doing!!!

He's georgous .... Still full of energy but both Mik and I are working together to give him a walk and run and a run with the ball every day. Mik and Rufus have developed a lovely relationship. It was hard the first couple of weeks we were back... The roles had reversed ...we're getting there. He still can do things when he wants to but that's slowly changing. We have started using some different words and getting him to respond.

Rufus is not where he would be if he was with u all the time but Mik and I are really enjoying his company!! It certainly wouldn't have been this way if we didn't send him to spend time with you.... Thank you. The doggy day care has been wonderful and totally exhausts him.  Thankyou Dave.